Episode 2

Published on:

21st Oct, 2021

Episode 1

Published on:

29th Sep, 2021


Published on:

28th Sep, 2021

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About the Podcast

Unconventional Growth
For the founders of our future food systems.
Unconventional Growth is a weekly conversations podcast about the future of food and ag that highlights innovators, technologies and disruptors creating future agrifood systems - CEA, plant based proteins, cellular ag, biomaterials, and circular growing systems and economies.

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Daniel Reus

Dan Reus is perpetually curious, optimistic, and a lover of the transformative power of stories to bring about change that benefits us all. As founder and chief instigator at Openly Disruptive, he helps build innovation ecosystems, working with innovators and their supporters in areas like food, ag, consumer products/services/communities, health, platform ecosystems, and advanced manufacturing.